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Our Vision

The vision for Reservoir High School is that we are a place in which all students can reach their potential and achieve success.

Student Learning
Reservoir High provides a learning environment in which every student is known both as a person and learner. The curriculum is designed to empower students through discovery, inquiry and collaboration.

The teaching is differentiated, responsive to the needs of every individual and informed through high-level assessment practices. We aim to empower students in their own learning, build engagement, self-efficacy and develop self-motivation to achieve success.

We provide a safe and inclusive learning environment that promotes the wellbeing of all students and builds a partnership with parents and the wider community to ensure every learner thrives.

Outstanding features which draw students to our school include opportunities in our Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEAL Academy accredited), in addition to our Drama, Dance and Music program. Our Languages Other Than English program (LOTE) provides opportunities for students to study Mandarin and Italian and through the strong links we have fostered with our Chinese-sister school, can experience extensive cultural and language immersion.

Reservoir High School offers a broad range of opportunities to senior students, including VCE, VCE-VM and VET. Our Senior Studies program provides all students with a tailored individualised pathway, allowing for informed student choice. The personalisation of learning across the school is intended to ensure every individual student is provided with the most appropriate pathway so as to ensure all achieve success.

Our Values

Developing an understanding that all individuals are unique and can make valuable contributions to the community

Empowering all students to achieve and celebrate their personal best within a culture of high expectations

Demonstrating perseverance and hard work to achieve your dreams and goals

Promoting a sense of belonging through collaboration and mutual respect based on the principles of integrity, honesty and trust