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Student Leadership

Reservoir High School values student leadership and is committed to creating an environment in which the student voice is genuinely acknowledged, nurtured, celebrated and one that ultimately effects positive change within the school community. Students can hold formal leadership positions in Year 12 or be a Student Representative Council member, which is currently a voluntary position. The school offers a range of leadership experiences including the Year 9 School for Student Leadership program and the Advance program in Years 9 and 10. Our Student Leaders, including the School Captains, Sports Captains and Performing Arts Captains are responsible for identifying, implementing and evaluating whole school initiatives. This enables students to feel respected, empowered and highly involved in the decision making process. The SRC is dynamic, full of energy and has a key role in the school and the Year 12 School Captains meet regularly with the Principal and elected Student Leaders are voting members on the School Council.

RHS Leaders — 2024

Charlotte D’Ath

School Captain

Hi, I’m Charlotte!

I’m proudly serving as one of Reservoir High School’s 2024 School Captains.

It is an honour and joy that I’m able to share and foster my leadership skills with our school community, allowing me to express my own, as well as other students voice.

I love getting involved in school events and I’m passionate about getting students engaged with each other and school in a variety of ways. This year alone, Ms Zahra (Head of Sports) and I have introduced the ‘Rezza Cup’, which is a 9-week tournament where every Tuesday lunch, students compete in non-traditional sports such as Euro-handball and dodgeball and play each other in their House teams. For instance, our first round was Plenty (Red) vs Merri (Green), which Penty was victorious. This has brought engagement and joy to many of our students, whether participating or spectating.

I value a positive, caring, and respectful environment, such as the one that I have experienced from my journey at Reservoir High since year 7. I would like to leave this school knowing that these same values are foremost and that I and we as a leadership team make positive contributions that will last for years to come.

My commitment to high level sport throughout my life has taught me skills and discipline such as teamwork, perseverance and the significance of communication, all of which I try to display in my leadership role at Reservoir. Especially communication, I love when students use their voice and share their views and opinions within the school community.

After school I hope to do a double degree of LAW/PPE (Politics, Philosophy & Economics) at either La Trobe or Monash University. I hope to continue this pathway and possibly do further studies of international law overseas.

Overall, I want to be a leader that is approachable and trusted so that I can help foster and bring positive change towards the whole school community, as well as each individuals student.

Ainsley Mataga

School Captain

Hi, I’m Ainsley, proudly serving as one of Reservoir High School’s 2024 School Captains. It’s a privilege to hold this position and to contribute my leadership abilities to our school community.

I’m a caring, motivated, and imaginative individual who loves going to the gym, playing soccer, listening to music, studying the Bible, and cooking. I remain undecided about my future, but I am considering a pathway in either Mechanical Engineering, or Sports and Health Science.

This is only my second year at Reservoir High School, yet I’ve already learnt and grown so much as a person. I bring a diverse set of skills and perspectives to the role of school captain. My commitment to soccer teaches me the value of teamwork and perseverance, qualities essential for leading and motivating others. My interest in religion instills in me a sense of empathy, respect, and understanding for diverse beliefs within our school community.

As school captain, I pledge to be a compassionate and inclusive leader, dedicated to promoting unity, excellence, and positive change within our school.

Vittoria Crosta

School Captain

Hi, my name is Vittoria, and I’m one of Reservoir High School’s 2024 School Captains.

I am honored to not only have my name under this role but to also share my leaderships skills with the Reservoir High School community.

I am a friendly, organized, and creative individual who loves spending time at the beach, going to the footy, hanging out with friends, going shopping, and eating good food.

I have spent all 6 years of my high school journey at Reservoir High, and I have learnt so much along the way. My leaderships skills started from a young age at primary school and continued into high school when I first applied for the year 7 leaderships scholarship and was the successful applicant.

Over the years I have received several awards and have helped at many school events, bringing me to now, having the position of school captain.

My interests revolve around physical education and health. My first choice in university is to do a Bachelor of Education. I would major in Physical Education and minor in either Health or Psychology. This would then lead me into becoming a secondary school teacher.

I would also love to experience at some stage in my life working at a sports club as some type of trainer or physiotherapist. Anything involving health and wellbeing, the human body, its systems, and movement, I enjoy and find fascinating.

I also have a passion for beauty, more specifically eyelashes and eyebrows. On top of a university degree, I wouldn’t mind having a qualification in lash extensions and brow sculpting.

I look forward to working with everyone this year and sharing my qualities with the school community and my peers.

Dylan Smarrelli

School Captain

Hello I’m Dylan!

It is an honour and great privilege to be one of your 2024 year 12 school captains here at Reservoir High School.

I am enthusiastic about fostering leadership within the school community and finding ways to implement ideas and strategies so that we can further enhance the wonderful culture and spirit at our school.

As a leader, I am passionately devoted to supporting all members within the school community and welcome conversations with students that enhance their learning and school journey, or to hear any ideas and thoughts that can contribute to the growth of the school so that everyone achieves their personal best. 

In life, I currently aspire to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist. Psychology fascinates me as a field rich with insights that I love to explore and integrate within myself so that I can find ways to enhance my journey through life.

Ultimately though, I love to help and support the lives of others through sharing things I have learnt through my personal experiences.