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STEAM is an integrated study where students use the Engineering Design Process as well as their Critical and Creative Thinking Skills to solve problems involving Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

Year 7 STEAM
In Year 7, students obtain an introduction to what STEAM is and how to use various digital tools. The Engineering Design Process is investigated via a number of challenges including Marshmallow Towers, Bridge Building and the Slippery Slide Challenge.  Students also undertake an introduction to coding where they learn how to code a sphero, a small robotic ball.

Year 8 STEAM
In Year 8, students undertake a themed unit each term.  These units have included Aviation, Digital Sound, Sustainability, Sport Science and Ancient inventions.  They build on a number of skills that they developed in Year 7 STEAM with an emphasis on further developing their understanding of critical and creative thinking.

Year 9 STEAM (Elective)
Students continue to develop their understanding of the Engineering Design Process through a series of activities that allow them to develop their skills in Design, Robotics, 3D printing and Computer Aided Design (CAD) Programs. Students use their critical and creative thinking skills to design an item that they will research, develop, test and present.