Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program

Select Entry Accelerated Learning

Reservoir High School is one of a select group of secondary schools in Victoria to be accredited to offer the SEAL program. Each year, a limited number of places are offered to committed and academically capable prospective Year 7 students. The SEAL program focuses on providing skills and content that encourages these students to develop their potential to achieve academic, personal and social success.

Research has shown that gifted and talented students are best grouped together (Rogers, Karen B. ‘Re-Forming Gifted Education’; Gross, Macleod and Pretorius ‘Gifted Students in Secondary Schools’). They require exciting and challenging learning experiences with open ended tasks that involve multidisciplinary learning and high order thinking skills. As such, members of the SEAL program will work at a fast pace with minimal repetition of course material. They will engage in regular self-evaluation in all areas of their schooling, from their academic progress, to their work ethic and attitude in their learning environment.

The SEAL learning environment focuses on the following:

  • Exploration of issues, themes and questions;
  • Complexity, abstractedness and variety;
  • Development of organizational, research and communication abilities;
  • Emphasis on creativity, critical and higher order thinking skills.

The parents/guardians of SEAL students are encouraged to communicate with their child’s teachers, mentors and SEAL Coordinator. They are invited to attend information sessions which will provide them with knowledge to assist with their child’s schooling and personal development.

Application and Selection Process

The process involves three stages:

1. Prospective students are required to apply online via the link provided below to register for the Edutest.

2. Students are then required to undertake the Edutest. For further details on this test, refer to the SEAL brochure by clicking on the link below.

3. Candidates who gain suitable test scores across skill areas being assessed in the Edutest will be interviewed in June/July. Information from the student’s primary school will also be sought at this stage of the process. Parents /guardians will be advised of the outcome by the end of August.

The 2024 SEAL program has 25 co-educational places available.

Unsuccessful applicants will be shortlisted on a reserve list.

SEAL Testing will occur on Saturday 20th July 2024.
Please contact Jodie Purches, Assistant Principal, if you have any questions.