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Meet our Staff

Jodie Purches

Assistant Principal

I was a Learning Specialist – Innovations and Excellence at Reservoir High School prior to becoming an Assistant Principal. I have extensive leadership experience in teaching and learning and student management, having held positions of leadership in these areas for the past 16 years. These different roles and responsibilities have given me a deep understanding of how students learn and the different supports they require to be successful. There is nothing greater than seeing students experience that “a-ha” moment within the classroom. I am responsible for Student Learning and provide support to the Junior School and Year 12.

Lea Volpe

Assistant Principal

It has been my pleasure to have served the Reservoir High School community over the last 12 years as Assistant Principal. Reservoir High School is a very diverse and vibrant school that offers so many opportunities for our students both in and out of the classroom. It is vital that every student achieve success and reach their full potential. The staff at Reservoir High are constantly enhancing their teaching and learning practice so each child can succeed. I’m extremely proud and privileged to be part of such a community where the values of Diversity, Excellence, Success and Respect are part of our everyday school life.

Andrew Lewis

Senior School Sub-leader

Nick Vass

Middle School Sub-Leader

Darryl Forbes

Junior School Sub-leader