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    Does student play soccer for a club? If so, which and when is training night?

    “I want to work with kids to help develop them, to show them the right way, the right morals and attitudes to become a better footballer”

    Tim Cahill
    Australian Socceroos


    Reservoir High School Football (Soccer) Development Program is a special program for students in Years 7-9 who wish to improve their skills in soccer.

    The program features the latest training methods to develop the individual’s specific skills. The program covers strength and conditioning, mental preparation, individual technical development, leadership skill. The program runs within the curriculum (double period in place of general sport classes) and after-school sessions. The annual cost is $300. This includes training kit plus training spray jacket.

    Students wishing to continue with this focus would enter the VET Sport and Recreation (Soccer Focus) in years 10-12.

    Successful applicant in the program will receive:
    • Training all year round.
    • Working with qualified and enthusiastic soccer coaches.
    • Working in a safe and secure school environment with like-minded student athletes.
    • Prospect of traveling to local and interstate tournaments if selected.
    Sessions will focus on the following training program:
    • Endurance Training
    • Strength Training
    • Speed and Power Training
    • Flexibility
    • Skill and tactical training
      (striking the ball, running with the ball, goal keeping, first-touch, dribbling)
    • Injury Prevention
    • Sport Management
    • Positive attitude in sport
    The aim of the Football (Soccer) Development Academy
    • Intensive sport training and individual skills development during or after school hours.
    • Develop skills and knowledge as well as understanding of Football (Soccer).
    • Study subject areas that are specific to their desired career objectives.
    • Develop and enhance self-discipline, time management, goal setting and leadership.
    • Student engagement.
    • Training all year round.
    What the Academy provides for our students
    • An exciting opportunity to further develop their skills through professional coaching, teaching and exposure to the latest training methods.
    • Opportunity to further develop their understanding of game tactics, sport nutrition, sport psychology, injury prevention and sport performance – relating to Football (Soccer).
    • A sense of pride and belonging to the school and community.
    • The opportunity to complete Certificate I and II in Sport and Recreation.
    • After successful completion of Certificate I and II in Year 10, students have the chance to further obtain Certificate III in Year 11 and 12 or alternatively search for a career pathway in sport administration, sport science or coaching.
    • To expose our students to elite organisations such as the VIS (Victorian Institute of Sport) A-League, National Premier League, local clubs, Football Federation of Victoria and Football Federation of Australia, as well as a further opportunity to explore the possibility of training or trialling overseas through soccer development agencies.

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