Lunchtime Clubs

Reservoir High Lunchtime Clubs

The Clubs program creates a wide range of clubs operating within the school, whose purpose is to:

  • Support student interest.
  • Provide a scheduled time/place to pursue this interest.
  • Create belonging within the group.
  • Build positive relationships with staff and peers.

Thanks to the boundless enthusiasm of our students and dedication of staff, RHS is able to offer a range of extra-curricular activities which have facilitated positive relationships between staff and (among) students. Our students’ engagement with peers, teachers and their school has been enhanced and enriched by a Lunchtime Activities program which allows them to support and pursue their interests. This also has a significant, positive effect on staff who run them (ie an opportunity to share a passion for an activity with students).

Taking the form of clubs these activities allow students to take on leadership roles, supported by the teacher overseeing the club. They also give students a voice/agency to have a significant say in what happens at school.

Finally, with the government-mandated ban on mobile phone use during the school day (including lunchtimes), it is more important than ever to provide students with meaningful, enjoyable and engaging alternatives, which in turn create a stimulating, more harmonious and settled school environment.

Mr. G. Lyras

Lunchtime Clubs Coordinator